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    14:00 - 17:00


    Led by:
    Gabriele Ermacora, Jiji Yu




    Chronus Art Center, Building No.18, No.50 Moganshan Rd  


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    Workshop 180RMB

    CAC/CAC/Xinchejian Member 145RMB


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    During this high-technology hands-on activity, we will use our daily life post-pandemic scenario (wearing mask, temperature check, showing QR codes etc) and activities designed to practice empathy and review the whole design cycle.


    This course will explore the possibilities that technology provides us to face challenging times like the ones of the pandemy. During these challenging times, the Covid-19 virus outbreak has shaken the paradigms of our society, imposing social distancing and confinement to billions of people. Plan C is an initiative to put creative minds to think solutions that would provide relief to issues brought by the pandemy. We will focus on the mental and physical challenges we are facing as a society, bringing awareness to issues related to our environment and the wellness of our most vulnerable members.


    The participants will be introduced to Arduino and interactive applications to apply to the practical case of a face mask. The event will include an open discussion with a focus on analyzing the impact of these activities in the classroom.