In order to make more people have access to art exhibitions and art education, CAC has been seeking a group of interns and volunteers in a long term.
We will provide the interns and volunteers with abundant opportunities to learn about different functions of CAC, such as management、art research as well as education service, and to work with artists, curators and scholars.
CAC’s intern and volunteer recruitment process include enrollment, a preliminary assessment  ,interview, participation in basic training and assessment.

CAC Volunteer

Volunteer Qualifications

1 At least at ages of 18, have passion for new media art; be responsible and enthusiastic.

2 Willing to observe the designated volunteer times and basic duty hours.

3 Willing to abide by the Code of Volunteer Service and meet the requirement of tasks assigned.

4 Willing to accept CAC’s evaluation and recommendations on service requirements.

Volunteer Service Hours

1 Volunteer hour must exceed 80 hours per annum.

2 The volunteer term of one year entails at least one full shift per week, per time slot, with actual times and hours to be determined according to individual preferences and circumstance.

3 If volunteers cannot report for duty at their assigned time, they must make arrangements at least two days before, either for a leave, or a shift exchange with another volunteer. Volunteer qualification will be revoked for those whose absences from their assigned shifts exceed the maximum allowed.

4 Volunteers for specific exhibitions must be able to commit at least two shifts a week, with each shift lasting a half-day(4 hours).

Volunteer Benefits
1: Volunteers have priority to participate in all lectures and other workshops of CAC.

2: Volunteers whose service time exceed 80 hours can get the Volunteer Certificate by CAC

3: Volunteers who work hard and are qualified enoughwill get internship opportunities.


CAC Internship

1:Students who are willing to pursuit deeper understanding of new media art and have interest in media institution.
2:Insure 3days of work per week and be on duty for assigned time.
3:Students who major in art management, media, advertising as well as related subjects are preferred.

二:Divisional Description

1 Administration (group of 2): The administrative division is responsible for the management of museum operation, assistant for volunteer recruiting and training, public service, and interpretation of exhibition tours.

2 Curatorial Division (1 person): Interns in the Curatorial Division will be introduced to issues relating to research and organizing upcoming exhibitions, including corresponds with artists, curators, galleries, and museums before the exhibits; assistant for exhibition installation; translation of produces exhibition catalogues. Interns are also responsible for the maintenance and management of the archives and library, as well as exhibition tours (assessment needed)

3 Marketing and Development (group of 2)

-Design (1 person): Interns in the Marketing and Development Division (design) must be proficient in graphic design software, and will be involved in the design and production of various printed materials (brochure, newsletter, poster and etc.). Interns are also responsible for website updating and exhibition tours (assessment needed).

- Broadcast (1 person): Interns in Marketing and Development Division (Broadcast) must be enthusiastic to web-media including, weibo, wechat etc.; be responsible for internet promotion; assisting in producing a variety of educational and promotional events (opening ceremony, conference, media events, etc.); be responsible for organizing and translation information(Chinese-English), assisting in editing newsletter and exhibition tours (assessment needed).

4. Education Division (1 person): Interns in the Education Division will assist in producing and coordinating seminars and other exhibitions related events and also responsible for writing some papers such as introductions and conclusion report of the events; translation and revision of activity information; assistant for the promotion in schools; getting in touch with speaker; management for tools and materials; collecting information about education activity; exhibition tours(assessment needed)
Intern Benefits
1:Interns can get intern-allowance.

2: CAC will provide meals and allowance for transportation.

3:Interns will get internship certification when assigned intern term finished.

Please fill in CAC Intern Application Form (click to download) and email to



Individual Member ¥100RMB/Year

Year-round benenifts exclusively for Individual Member:

- Exclusive e-mail alert to keep you updated of latest exhibitions and activities

- Free admission to our exclusive guided tours of exhibitions

- Enjoy 10% off on full-price items at CAC (bigger discounts on selected items)

- Tailored Individual Membership events

- Enjoy 10% off on charged events at CAC

- Tickets for exhibitions and events at partner museums and art institutions

- Membership Welcome Pack
(CAC YEARBOOK SERIE S2013-2015 and one free ticket of CAC Current Exhibition: Haptic Field)