CAC Presents | Social Media Hacking

Led by:

Gordan Savicic, Juan Gomez


2019.10.06 (Sunday)


11:00 - 16:00


Open Hub @Chronus Art Center, Building 18, No.50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai


English (with assistance in Chinese)

Admission Fee:

Workshop                       80RMB

CAC Membership           64RMB


About the Workshop 

What influence do media technologies have on society and its institutions and on our individual actions? How can (semi) - autonomous actors intervene in social media environments and take up a life of their own? Gordan Savicic and Juan Gomez will explore these questions at the workshop at Chronus Art Center. 


Participants will gain hands-on knowledge of techniques implemented for the web 2.0 Suicide Machine, using a tool for automated web applications testing. Gordan and Juan will bring you an overview of media hacking practices, and recent web-based network technologies used to program our online experience. You will be introduced into writing simple code for your own projects. This technique could be useful for interventionist tactics and critical hacks within social media. Web-related programming skills desired, but not absolutely necessary!


 ©️ Courtesy the artist


About the Speaker and Tutor 


Gordan Savičić is a creative technologist, artist and designer whose work investigates the relationship between people, networks and interfaces. He has a background in media art and visual communication, and he has been active within the fields of academic research, teaching and design industry. His preferred location is the Internet spending his weekends at localhost.


Juan Gomez currently living in Geneva, Switzerland. Juan is working in the intersection between art and design. His current interest is in the materialisation of social technologies in temporal urban spaces and their potential for generating valuable discussions. In Geneva, he is the content coordinator of the Center for Future Publishing, where he hosts a monthly event inviting artists, philosophers and designers to engage a discussion on how their practice is touched by contemporary changes in publishing.