CAC · Opening Recap | AI Delivered: the Abject


Chronus Art Center is pleased to announce the presentation of AI Delivered: The Abject, the first segment of a two-part exhibition under the framework of AI Delivered. Featuring artists and artist collectives Sofian Audry and Istvan Kantor (a.k.a. Monty Cantsin), HE Zike, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Casey Reas and Jan St. Werner, Devin Ronneberg and Kite, and Tonoptik, the exhibition will be on view from July 3rd through October 17, 2021.


The exhibition attempts to implicitly raise questions on the epistemological limits of Artificial Intelligence while alluding to a recurring sense of frenzy and abjection in today’s AI-entrenched world. Works in the exhibition reveal the vulnerability of neural networks as well as AI’s despair in attempting to grasp reality’s intricacy and tumultuousness. While romantic chats played out by the machine learning algorithm seems ludicrous, human wits turn artificial artful and intelligence performed absurd. We see images reminiscent of a Baroque beauty, both concretely abstract and abjectly sublime. Incapacitating the garish wiggles of the Deep Dream-induced hallucinatory visuality and, at the same time, we make life or cause death of the neural network by plugging and unplugging network cables to artificially deconstruct and reconstruct. A technological substrate of wired life is witnessed as being delivered, stripped, and resurrected in the most visceral sense.



Exhibition Opening






Artist & Curator Talk

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Exhibiting Works



Instinkt, 2021

Interactive light & sound installation using reinforcement learning algorithms


Casey Reas & Jan St. Werner

Compressed Cinema, 2020

HD video


Devin Ronneberg & Kite

Fever Dream, 2021

Interactive multimedia installation


HE Zike

E-dream: We'll stay, forever, in this way, 2018

Website program, stereo sound


Sofian Audry & Istvan Kantor (a.k.a. Monty Cantsin)

The Sense of Neoism?!, 2018

Artificial counter-intelligence machine


Lauren Lee McCarthy

LAUREN, 2017

Performance, software, film