Johannes’ residency

Langkamp is a new media artist based in Rotterdam, Netherland. He received his bachelor of Fine Arts at the ArtEZ, AKI Academy of Visual Arts in 2011.

In his work he emphasizes an art practice through Video and Installations.

Often fascinated by the element of movement, he turned his current research to the illusional movement of the sun and our relationship to this visual environment (nature/ daily visual attendent/ environment).

In "Analog Sun Tracking", he wants to follow this optical movement through a 24 hours time-lapse video. A camera driven by a mechanical tracking device is recording the path of the sun.

"From the point of our viewthe star at the center of our solar system shifts every minute and we call it "rising" and "setting" even though we understand its nature. It strikes me to play with this daily illusion and to do research about our relationship with this visual nature.