Dennis Del Favero with Stephen Sewell and Maurice Pagnucco

SCENARIO is a 360-degree 3D cinematic installation whose narrative is interactively produced by the audience and humanoid characters with artificial intelligence (AI). It is inspired by the experimental television work of Samuel Beckett. A female humanoid character has been imprisoned in a concealed basement, along with her four children by her father, who lives above ground with his daytime family. Set within this underground labyrinth, she and her children take the audience through various basement spaces in an attempt to discover the possible ways they and the audience can resolve the mystery of their imprisonment and so effect an escape before certain death.

Dennis Del Favero (AU) is an ARC Australian Professorial Fellow and artist. His work has been widely exhibited in solo exhibitions in leading museums and galleries. He is Director of the iCinema Research Centre and Deputy-Director of the National Institute for Experimental Arts at UNSW, Visiting Professorial Fellow at ZKM, Germany, Visiting Professor at University IUAV of Venice, Italy, Visiting Professor at City University of Hong Kong, Visiting Professor at the Academy of Art, Vienna and editor of Digital Arts Edition published by Hatje Cantz,Germany.

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