Exhibition of Media Scenography– A workshop on immersive 360° media environments

Media Scenography
A workshop on immersive 360° media environments
Tobias Gremmler introduces principles of creating media for immersive environments and let the workshop participants explore the creative potential of immersive media installations. The relationship between a user and an immersive environment is comparable to a person observing their natural environment. The primary cognitive and perceptual process is equal to exploring visual information as if it were in real space. The spatial perception of visual information in virtual space invokes a cognitive model that benefits from natural orientation and observation behaviours. However, the content of an immersive environment is not restricted to mimicking real environments. The dynamic non-linear qualities of digital media offer a broader range of possible scenarios. Distribution and ordering principles of content in virtual space are no longer restricted to the physical limitations of real space. Geometry, perspective and motion shifting towards an abstract space, its architecture and dynamic evokes out of imagination. Creating media scenography means becoming an architect, director, choreographer, light designer all at the same time, by creating and manipulating virtual scenarios.

The workshop in 4 modules:
- Sound and Space: Sound visualisation, graphical music sequencers
- Immersive World: 3D scans and photos in 360°
- Aesthetics of Motion: Human motion visualisation
- Interaction: Interaction design for media spaces

During each module, participants are to create individual studies/artworks. Each day after regular lectures and tutorials, participants can optimize their studies/artworks.
During the last two days of the workshop, students develop new concepts and implement complex artwork, based on what they have learned in the modules before.
A selection of the best works from the first modules studies and the artworks created during the last two days will be shown in the exhibition.

Tobias Gremmler (Bio):
Tobias Gremmler is Visiting Associate Professor at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong and Visiting Professor at the Shanghai Theatre Academy. He started his career as media artist and designer in the early 90s. His work has been shown at Ars Electronica, Transmediale, and theatres like Volksbühne Berlin and Cultural Centre Hong Kong. He blends media art and design with traditional art forms like theatre, music and sculpture. As Designer, he developed digital design solutions for companies such as Apple, Adidas, BMW, Samsung, Swarovski and Sony. Book publications: 'Grids for the Dynamic Image' 2003, 'cyberBionic' 2008, 'Creative Education and Dynamic Media' 2014.
Homepage: www.syncon-d.com
Teaching and Research: www.syncon-d.com/hk

Special Thanks to:
Jeffrey Shaw, Hu Jieming, Christoph Bode, Yan Zhai,  Mario Sun, Zhang Yifan


Art Works:


Shi Zhihui , Wang Zhipeng

LCL(Karson Chen, Simo Liao, Fu Dongting)

Liang Yongjun

OSC(Shi Zheng, Neng Huo)

Wang Zi’an

Zhang Yu

Wang Zhi’ang