CAC International Residency and Exchange Program Open Studio – “Cessation”


Guest: Johannes Langkamp

Date: 2013-09-06  14:00 ~ 2013-09-06  18:30

Address: 2F, BLDG 11, No.50 Moganshan RD., Shanghai, China

CAC International Residency and Exchange Program

Open Studio - “Cessation”

Date:        Sep. 6th 2013, 14:00 – 18:30

14:00 -18:00 Open Studio

18:00 – 18:30 Presentation by Artist

Venue: 2F, BLDG. 11, Moganshan RD., Shanghai

Organized by Chronus Art Center

Free for admission. Please make the reservation via:


The first resident artist, Johannes Langkamp, recommended by V2_Insitute for Unstable Media, has been working on his art project from July 10th 2013. In the open studio event, he is going to show his ideas, concepts and process by various ways, such as exhibits, drafts, interviews and installations.

Often fascinated by the element of movement, he turned his current research to the illusional movement of the sun and our relationship to this visual environment. In "Analog Sun Tracking" he wants to follow this optical movement through a 24 hours time-lapse video. A motion-controlled tripod allows him to track this movement. The axis is positioned parallel to the axis of our planet but it rotates into the opposite direction. After capturing 1frame per minute for a period of 24hours he will compile a moving image sequence of 60 seconds.

“From the point of our view,the star at the center of our solar system shifts every minute and we call it "rising" and "setting" even though we understand its actual nature. It strikes me to play with this daily illusion and to do a visual investigation.

My motivation for this work was its simplicity.

I think it is quite beautiful that you can put a camera into a certain situation, for a certain amount of time and a staged video-work evolves.

I am not influencing the scenery physically but just the camera's point of view; each minute 0.25degree. And through this tiny change you can turn the world upside down. ”

                                            —— Johannes Langkamp

About the Artist

Langkamp is a new media artist based in Rotterdam, Netherland. He received his bachelor of Fine Arts at the ArtEZ, AKI Academy of Visual Arts in 2011.

In 2012, he held his solo exhibitions in Stadthaus Gallery and also Kurhaus Kleve Museum in Germany. The same year he received the Werner Deutsch Reward from Kurhaus Kleve Museum and Saxion kunstopdracht Reward. From 2008, he participated in many exhibitions and arts festivals in Netherland, Germany, France and so on.