Announcement of CAC Chinese Artist Fellowship 2015

photo credit: May Heek

Chronus Art Center is pleased to announce that Shen Xin has been offered CAC Fellowship for Chinese Artist 2015.

Starting from this fellowship, Shen is planning a series of work investing in her specific interests of animation, the metaphysics of the digital and the position of public intellectuals,and to open up discussions around the vulnerability, productivity, and affirmation of thoughts and aesthetics.

Shen Xin (b.1990, Chengdu, China) graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art MFA Media in 2014 and is selected for 2014 Bloomberg New Contemporaries. Shen’s practice explores the social position of the artist. She has taken interests in subjects such as the othering of ethnic minorities in relation to aesthetics and economies, the functional performance of cinematic spaces concerning empathy and the potential productivity of the didactic dimensions in new technologies. She’s drawn to paradoxes that are organic, that have the potential of forming organic connections, which essentially for Shen means to open up spaces for seemingly determined judgments, diagnosis, logics, ethics and morality, systems and structures. Shen’s practice is dominated by video/film work. It also encompasses virtual realities and figures, public proposal, communication interfaces such as emoji (ideograms), self-publication, online database, and tourist attraction.

Shen has curated the Artists’ Film Club program Unorthodox Hosts at ICA, London in 2014, as well as been selected as MAstar for Axis Web by Kirsty Ogg. Selected group shows include Bloomberg New Contemporaries at World Museum, Liverpool Biennial, and at ICA, London; 21st Century Screening at Chisenhale Gallery, London; Chinese Visual Festival at King’s College, London. Upcoming shows include 18th Japanese Media Art Festival, Tokyo; Does Not Equal at W139, Amsterdam, BNC14 touring exhibition at Newlyn Gallery, Cornwall, UK.


Counting Blessings | 细数祝福 / 37:30 / Digital Video | 影像 / 2014


Lehrstuck – A Prototype/ Virtual Reality/ with Programming Artist Damien Borowik

教育戏剧 - 一个原型 / 虚拟现实/与程序编制艺术家Damien Borowik


Snow Country | 雪国 / 00:18:24 / HD / 2013


Samhallsfraga and Gotlands kommun | 社会问题和哥得兰市 / archive | 档案 / 2014


Records of Rites | 礼记施用 / 00:16:12 / Digital Video | 影像 / 2014


Research Print No.1 / Inkjet Print / 2014


Smiling Against Great Views | 倚着美景微笑 / Tourist Attraction in ólafsfjorour, Iceland | 旅游景点,歐拉夫斯菲厄澤,冰岛 / August – September 2013 |2013年8月-9月

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